aqKWa - Case Study - Sheikh Ahmed
aqKWa. Case Study.

To build an new innovative service to help people better understand their water consumption. The challenge was broken down into two distinct areas of UX. Firstly, asking the user a series of questions in such a fashion that it didn’t trigger survey fatigue. Secondly, to display their results in a meaningful, visually rich and engaging manner.

To gather insights about water consumption and reduction from both customers and employees of water companies, with a focus on both long and short term goals.

Project Goals
▪ Become an established service in the water conservation market.
▪ Assist water companies in long term engagement with their customers.
▪ Establish trust and credibility through excellent service to both consumers and clients.
▪ Differentiate from competitors through innovation.

Research Methods
▪ Interviews
▪ Pretotyping and Prototyping
▪ Customer journey
▪ Persona
▪ Information Architecture

My Role
I was UX and Product Management on an Agile team comprised of 5 back end developers, 2 front developers, a scrum master and some quality assurance engineers. I was responsible for determining the overall design direction of the project, while collaborating with the rest of the team on ideation.


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